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The Game Changers Daniel Radcliffe Jacket

$300.00 $250.00

  • Movie:The Game Changers
  • Worn by : Daniel Radcliffe
  • Color:Brown
  • Front Zip Closure
  • Slim Fit style
  • Button Cuff
  • Two Front Pockets
  • Two Side Pockets
  • Collar: Caot Style Collar

Product Description

There is a new genre in Hollywood, the tech origin story, and it comes with its own version of goodies and baddies. Critically lauded films such as The Social Network, the Steve Jobs biopic Jobs, and even The Imitation Game, all present young, socially abrasive mavericks rallying against unimaginative naysayers who can’t dream of the future. It’s a potent formula, so you can see why the BBC is keen to tell the story behind the biggest British success story of modern tech, Grand Theft Auto, one of the best-selling franchises in the history of gaming.

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